Motor Controls in Salt Lake City, UT

Experience significant savings when you retrofit lighting and motor controls, especially in a commercial or industrial environment. Many cost share and tax deduction programs are in place to assist you with paying for the purchase and installation of this type of equipment. Central Electric has been instrumental in the completion of many of these projects and has helped our customers to save thousands of dollars a year and free up service capacity to be used in more cost effective ways.
In the past few years Central Electric has been involved in the installation of numerous Variable Frequency AC and DC drives on compressors, pumps, fans, chillers, machines, and many other applications. These range in size from ¼ hp to 650 hp and have shown a marked savings of power consumption and equipment wear. Several programs are available to subsidize the original installation cost of these drives. The payback on these drives is very cost effective, especially with the incentive programs that are presently available.
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