Electricians in Salt Lake City, UT

If you've ever hired a less-than-professional electrical contractor, you understand the need for better options. When hiring an electrician, why take the chance? For a higher standard of electrical service, you need the time-tested expertise of Central Electric Co. We go the distance by traveling to your home or business throughout the Wasatch Front. One call connects you to a qualified electrician in Ogden, UT as easily as it does to Salt Lake or Provo/Orem.
Because we've been around for over 100 years, we understand Utah businesses, industries, and residents.
We know what electrical repairs and upgrades are most critical for you.
Target your home, business, or industry's electrical needs. When you choose Central Electric Co., you can be confident that your electrician will be comfortable with complex telecom/data system installation as well as simple switch installation. We're happy to help with any size of electrical project, and we do it with ease.


The Utah electricians at Central Electric Co. are trained to offer a variety of relevant and in demand services for our residential customers throughout Northern Utah. From updating current systems to emergency repairs, we can take care of you 24/7.


Central Electric Co. has done many commercial electrical projects for businesses in a variety of industries. We've worked in hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Our versatility guarantees that we can help both you and your business.


We have a special understanding of the electrical needs for more industrial-based businesses. We recognize the importance of efficiency and profitability in this sphere. We've completed many projects for well-known industrial companies, and we can help yours.

Think Green

Any electrician should be licensed and bonded for your safety. But, we take it a step further by offering an eco-friendly power analysis so you can go green. We will help you with a smarter design or electrical retrofit to save energy in your home or business-which saves you money, too.
Today, progress is being made within our social and cultural environment with the expectation of being environmentally friendly. At Central Electric Co. we've made it a priority to incorporate this trend into our service offerings. We recognize the many benefits to you, our customer, as well as to the environment we live in. We invite you to learn more about the services we offer so you can go green with us.
When you choose Central Electric Co., you can be confident that your electrician will be comfortable with complex telecom/data system installation as well as simple switch installation. We're happy to help with any size of electrical project, and we do it with ease.

History of Central Electric, Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT

LeGrand Robbins founded Robbins Electric 1910. LeGrand was involved in general maintenance in the Salt Lake Valley and was one of the few who had a working knowledge of electricity. He found himself being contacted by an ever increasing number of residents and companies to install electric lights in their homes and businesses.

As a result, he launched his business from his home in the Avenues where he had to have two phone lines because the city had two phone companies, each serving one half of the city. In the years that followed he trained several of his sons in the trade. As a result, Waterloo Electric was established by his son Don and another son W.P. “Phil” Robbins went on to establish Central Electric Company in 1934.

When LeGrand died in 1947, Phil picked up the license and name for Robbins Electric. Twenty-four years later, Phil's sons, Michael and Peter, joined him and incorporated Robbins Central Electric Company Inc., DBA Central Electric Co. Inc.

In 1986, Michael chose another career path and Peter took over the day-to-day management. In 1993, Phil Robbins passed away. Today the family tradition continues with the participation of Peter's son-in-law, Brian Bottino. Both are fully involved in the daily operation of the company.

Central Electric has created a strong base of loyal customers over its many years in business and has been able to help them grow and expand. Central, for example, installed the first electric lights and motor in the bakery of Wonder Bread. LeGrand Robbins designed and oversaw the moving of the electrical and phone lines from overhead to underground in downtown Salt Lake City. Upon successfully completing that project, he was asked by both Chicago and San Francisco to complete the same type of project for those cities as well.
From its humble beginnings to today's robust electrical and data contracting firm, the theme of our company is, and always has been, “Customer Service.”
We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2010 and invite you to join with us honoring our great heritage.

Our Electrical Qualifications | Salt Lake City, UT

Because Central Electric has licensed technicians of the highest quality, we also have the flexibility to perform work on jobs of any size. We have employed a crew of over 150 during booming business cycles.

With Brian Bottino as our safety director, Central Electric has been able to make safety an everyday priority. Brian takes an aggressive, conscientious approach to ensuring safety and customer satisfaction throughout all phases of the project. We also work to ensure a company-wide attitude of safety through regular training meetings as a team in conjunction with individual employee support. With this focus on safety training, we are able to give our workers the tools and knowledge they need.

Beyond our safety training, we also make sure all employees continue their education and improve their knowledge in the electrical industry. This is a requirement for all employees at Central Electric so that they are better able to serve our customers with what they've gained from seminars and classes. Each employee a Central Electric is required to successfully complete a minimum of 8 credit hours of formal education each year.

Central Electric is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau of Utah. Additionally, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to do business in both Utah and Wyoming. Our bond and insurance information are available on request.