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Avi-on Pro
Simple, Professional-Grade Lighting Controls
Avi-on Pro
Simple, Professional-Grade Lighting Controls
Avi-on Pro–Easy to Use, Easy to Change and Easy to Live with
Avi-on Pro products offer features available with luxury lighting control systems, at a compelling price-point. With five-way controls, and features like wireless multi-way switching, scheduling, grouping and scenes—Avi-on Pro is ideal for new home and office construction, major remodels and simple retrofits.
Finally—A Lighting Control System for the Rest of Us
Avi-on Pro eliminates the need for a central controller—typically the single most expensive item in a lighting control system. In addition, with Avi-on Pro, personalization and customization are simplified and there is no need for expensive and complex system programming. The Avi-on Pro solution results in a price point that gives residential and commercial customers access to a robust lighting control solution, with the features previously only available in luxury systems. Avi-on Pro is bringing lighting control to a market that previously either couldn’t afford or wouldn’t justify the expense, but is interested in the benefits a lighting control system provides.
Controls that Match Your Lifestyle
The Avi-on Pro system is set-up and configured using any mobile iOS or Android device. Once the system is set-up, it is easy to make changes using the free Avi-on app. Then, there are five-ways to control the system:
  • Amazon Echo voice control;
  • Local + Global Control using the free Avi-on app;
  • Wireless Control with the Avi-on Movable Smart Switch;
  • Manual Control using Avi-on in-wall switches and dimmers;
  • Motion + Light Control using Avi-on Sensors (coming soon).
AVI-ON PRO Features
Avi-on Pro is packed with features designed to provide convenience, security and energy savings:
Scheduling–the Avi-on app lets you quickly set schedules. Select the desired days and times, create and save multiple schedules and for any light or group of lights, or choose automatic sunset and sunrise settings that changes with the seasons.
Timers–set lights and groups to go on or off after a set period of time lapses.
Avi-on App - Home Automation in Salt Lake City, UT
Scene Setting–create scenes by setting unique dimming levels and on/off settings for each individual light and group added to the scene. When selected, the scene settings override previous settings to quickly set the desired mood.
Grouping–use the drag and drop features of the Avi-on app to easily setup, change, and create new groups.
Easy Multi-ways–with Avi-on Pro Movable Smart Switches and In-Wall Controllers, you can create multiway switches without changing your wiring. Avi-on’s Movable Switches can be mounted anywhere or used like a handheld remote to increase user accessibility of your spaces.
Local and Global Access– using the Avi-on App and the optional Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB) gives you the ability to control your system from anywhere in the world. The RAB also allows for the integration with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Recognition. This provides you with the ability to control your lighting with the power of your voice.