Telecom & Data Electrical Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Marriott Hotel (35 South West Temple, Salt Lake City)
  • Completed Cat-6 and fiber upgrade of phone and data cabling systems in 530 rooms on schedule
  • Provided cabling, testing, and certifications on all lines and necessary terminations and installed all equipment
  • Installed wireless internet cabling on all floors, as well as a new cabling structure for an HDTV system which included RG-11 and RG-6 cabling, termination, testing, and certification
Snelgroves Ice Cream (Dreyers)
  • Installed data, phone, communications, and industrial control cabling and system management installation
Wheeler Machine (Salt Lake City campus)
  • Provided Fiber distribution structure and termination on the entire campus
Wal-Mart of Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada
  • Installed CATV cabling, cameras, and equipment in numerous stores to upgrade security systems
7 – 11 of Utah, Wyoming and Nevada
  • Installed data and security lines to ATM locations in each store
Albertson's of Utah and Wyoming
  • Provided cabling to security cameras and product security door monitors and product management sites
United States Government
  • Provided security and data cabling at most sites in Utah
Sensormatic Security Services
  • Data and power cabling throughout Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada
Praxair Industrial Gases
  • Data, phone, and communications cabling and management systems installation
St. Mark's Hospital
  • Data, phone, cable, communications, and control wiring throughout