Power Analysis in Salt Lake City, UT

There's no better time than right now to Green! Central Electric will install a whole house power consumption meter to help you control your daily power consumption and reduce your monthly power bills.
A power survey and analysis can reduce your power bill several ways:
  • A power factor correction can help you save on your utility bill by helping you recognize and make changes in how your facility consumes energy.
  • Peak demand consumption monitoring and control: by simply determining your loads and peak usage periods a schedule can be established to “stagger” loading to allow a reduction of Peak Demand periods. Other methods are also available.
  • Power line harmonics can cause many problems in today's digital businesses. We can monitor your facilities power condition and recommend and install necessary equipment to mitigate these problems.
  • Power line noise, like spikes and sags, has many causes. A survey and analysis will allow us to help you correct the causes of these problems.
Every power anomaly or leak can cause you to watch your money leak away. When you fix these issues, you'll be adding greater savings and revenue to your bottom line. Call for more information.