Electrical Engineering in Salt Lake City, UT

Intermountain Wood Products
  • Designed and built a new sales office building and counter area
  • Redesigned and installed lighting in the corporate offices and production floor areas
  • Designed and installed a new backup power system and generator for main facility
  • Designed and installed electrical for wood drying building and air exchange system
  • Redesigned and reworked the power distribution system and lighting in lumber warehouse and shipping areas
LANDesk Software and Data Services
Designed and installed a secure data storage facility power system which included:
  • 100 KVA of UPS units and distribution
  • 500 KVA generator and transfer switch
  • All vertical distribution to equipment closets
  • Installation of video monitoring and networking equipment
Hammerton Lighting Manufacturing
  • 2007 – Corrected power system problems and installed production area equipment
  • 2008 – Designed and built a new 120,000 sq. ft. production facility and offices. Relocated production facility on critical shutdown schedule to allow continuous flow of product
  • Designed and built a control system for air handling system in spray booth and production floor area
Additionally, we've also done significant engineering projects for Wonder Bread (Continental Baking Co.) and Snelgroves Ice Cream (Dreyers), both in Salt Lake City, UT.
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