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The advantages of using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) in place of standard incandescent lamps include:
  • Greater energy conversion; with an incandescent lamp, only 5% of energy is converted to light while 95% is given off as heat
  • 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide can be saved when a 75watt incandescent lamp is replaced with a 20 watt CFL, which gives off an equal amount of light
  • $55 dollars would be saved by you, the consumer, on light bulb replacement over the life of one CFL
  • A standard 75 watt incandescent lamp lasts 750 hours
  • A 20 watt CFL replacement lamp lasts 10,000 hours (13.3 times longer than an incandescent bulb)
  • A 20 watt CFL lamp over the period of its life (10,000 hours) will use 180 Kilowatt hours of electricity while a 75 watt incandescent lamp would consume 750 Kilowatts in 10,000 hours and would require 13.3 lamps to last the 10,000 hours
  • CFL lamps fight global warming by reducing energy consumption
  • CFL lamps fight pollution by reducing energy consumption and land fill use
  • CFL lamps save money by lasting longer and using less energy
The energy consumption of the average home can be reduced from 35-55% simply by changing incandescent lamps to CFL lamps of equal light output.

Even greater savings can be realized in businesses that have lights on for 8 hours or more a day by changing out light fixtures and lighting schemes. Call us for an energy and lighting survey so we can show you how to save right to your bottom line.
Programs are presently available to help you pay to upgrade your lighting through rebates and cost share programs. Please feel free to call for more information.